At INFRASSISTANCE our team likes to call our family of national representatives – INFRASSISTANCE OPERATIONS OFFICERS (IOO’s) … a highly trained and respected team of heavily supported professionals.  

Once trained, our IOO’s have controlled access to a centralised marketing and communications skills capability, training in how to access and incubate business networks, including database management and how to make full use of digital communities.    

INFRASSISTANCE’s digital communications experts work with the IOO to understand and build their online presence and incorporate this with a corporate approach. This involves review, re-branding and re-vamp of existing social platforms, implementation of monthly SEO activities and digital upgrades across all platforms.   

To become an IOO and access all the benefits offered by INFRASSISTANCE or to understand how our core corporate services are used to support our IOO team please get in touch.

Infrassistance Operations Officers Team