Our Partners

Whilst we have many internal capabilities and competencies, we are not arrogant enough to believe
that we have all the solutions. We also recognise that our clients prefer to engage with people they
know and trust and so often ask us to help in areas beyond our core strengths.

We have therefore established a number of strategic partnerships with organisations that have
particular expertise in their fields. These relationships allow us to extend our reach by introducing
and working with subject matter experts in complementary areas.

Validate Skills

Validate Skills is our preferred partner and SFIA accredited organisation with whom we deliver
SFIA-based assignments. Together, we have developed the capability to assess and develop
skills based on a unique and objective methodology and provide our clients with a deep level
of understanding of their people and organisation that is so effective in leveraging their talent

The Holon Alliance

As co-founding members of the Holon Alliance, our partners provide specialist and complementary
capabilities in IT service management. This is the source of our PoleStar simulation training and
our IT operational performance analysis capability.

Kemp Little Consulting LLP

Kemp Little is a new, innovative consultancy operating at the intersection of technology, law, and
consulting. Kemp Little is our preferred partner for strategic sourcing assignments.

If you are a company with specialist and complementary capabilities, we'd be delighted to discuss
how we might work together to mutual advantage.

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